drug free pain reliefPain is a signal to our bodies that something has gone wrong. Intensity of pain can range from a slight feeling of tightness that often goes unnoticed to shrieking, stabbing, life-controlling misery.

Oral Systemic Balance, or OSB, is a breakthrough, drug-free pain relief therapy, developed by Dr. Farrand Robson. It can provide immediate relief by… Read more →


Click on any of the symptoms below that you may have and watch these individuals discuss how their symptoms were treated. These remarkable and amazing videos will have you saying, “That’s my problem.” You can hear, in their words, the long-term results and immediate relief they experienced thanks to their treatment.

The people in these videos found the relief from pain so helpful that they were willing to be filmed… Read more »

OSB Mechanics

epiglottisBecause of the extreme importance of this part of the body, disturbances in this area cause the nervous system to go into a high state of alarm. Read more → Continue reading

The Tongue as a Troublemaker

To understand why the tongue is the troublemaker in much epiglottis dysfunction… Read more → Continue reading

The Body Compensates to keep from Choking

Remember that the functions of the tongue and the epiglottis are intimately related. When the tongue function is altered because of lack of adequate room, epiglottis function is affected. Read more → Continue reading

A Final Note

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  • To learn more about Oral Systemic Balance therapy, read an excerpt from the book Snore-No-More by James L. Mosley here.
  • For information on finding a qualified Oral Systemic Balance practitioner, contact Dr. Farrand Robson’s office at 800-977-1945.